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Happy New Moon in Aquarius! And Happy Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon! 💖🐉💖

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, and Happy Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon, my Star Sisters & Brothers!

These truly are "death & rebirth" times we are experiencing these days, especially with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, traveling so close with first Mercury, then Mars, and soon Venus! These personal planets of how we relate with the world (Mercury), how we show up in the world (Mars) and what we value in our relationships and material existence (Venus), are being tested right now, and have been for the past week (starting with Mercury). If you are feeling sensitive, perhaps even threatened by the life situations surrounding you right now, the wisdom that is to be gained during these alignments is this: SURRENDER to the process of deep, alchemical transformation (Pluto) that is taking place within and around you! The more you try to fight the inevitable change that is here to take you to the next level of your soul's evolutionary journey, the harder this time period will be for you, so just allow yourself to be taken for a ride, and know that you will come out even more alive (and in alignment with your spirit's journey) on the other side! The Sabian Symbol at the end of this newsletter is so appropriate for these Pluto transits, encouraging us to all "develop resilience under adversity" during this New Moon cycle.

Uranus is also forming a tight square to this New Moon, and thus the energy of the Great Liberator is also adding to this energy of uncertainty that we are all experiencing. Honestly, anything can (and probably will!) happen during this next month, so be prepared to be amazed (and perhaps even shocked at times!) by the unfolding of events, both in your personal life and on the world stage. Venus is also squaring the Nodes of the Moon, calling us to release any negative/toxic relationships and ways of relating in our lives, so that we can move forward in the most healthy and vibrant ways possible.

The 2nd New Moon of the Year marks the transition of the Chinese Zodiac signs, from the Water Rabbit to the Wood Dragon this year, and what a year it will be! This New Year of the Wood Dragon will be celebrated in China on February 10th. (from the source: "The Dragon is a majestic and lucky creature in Chinese folklore, symbolizing bravery, creativity, and innovation. According to the Chinese horoscope, 2024 is a year full of potential and opportunities for personal growth, professional success, and social impact. Dragon people are charismatic, ambitious, adventurous, and fearless. They have confidence, independence, and vision. They are not afraid to pursue their dreams and goals. The year of the Wood Dragon is special because it is a rare combination of the dragon’s power and the wood’s creativity. It is a year of innovation, vision and growth. It is a year to pursue your dreams, express your ideas and expand your horizons. It is also a year to be generous, compassionate and loyal to your friends."

May the Year of the Wood Dragon Bless Your Endeavors this year!

I always like to end with the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree, which lands at 20 degrees 40 minutes of Aquarius (we always round up with the Sabian Symbols, so this one will be at 21 degrees), as described in Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases (pg. 262): PHASE 321 (AQUARIUS 219): A DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED WOMAN COURAGEOUSLY FACES A SEEMINGLY EMPTY LIFE. KEYNOTE: The capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human relationships with strength of character and personal integrity. The man who manages vast and complex business enterprises most often reaches power and achieves success because of his ability to deal with crises and temporary reverses of fortune. At the emotional level we now see a "woman" confronted with sharp disappointment and forced to face the vanishing of cherished illusions, presumably in terms of a close personal relationship. She has to learn to manage such crises, which are really tests of inner strength and perhaps compassion. We all have within ourselves the power to learn through emotional crises. But like any other faculty it needs development. This is the first symbol in the sixty-fifth five-fold sequence. It urges us to develop RESILIENCE under adversity. Book your Reading Today! Please text me and I’ll fit you into my busy schedule! 831-439-4696

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