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Happy New Moon in Cancer! 💖

Friday, July 5th @ 3:57 PM Arizona

Happy New Moon in Cancer, my Star Sisters & Brothers!

What a beautiful time for us to feel all of our feelings and get to the core of who we truly are! Although the energy of summertime here in the Northern hemisphere can be quite hectic, this next month ahead is ideal for doing some deep inner work, especially around our Inner Child. The Sun, Moon and Venus are traveling together in Cancer, forming a square aspect to the Nodal Axis, as well as Black Moon Lilith (BML) in Libra over there with the South Node of the Moon. Through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, this square to the Nodes represents a "skipped step" ~ something that was left unexperienced in our past lifetimes, and thus, an unintegrated puzzle piece to this complex human existence. The more we can connect to our TRUE FEELINGS (the Moon), the more we can SHINE BRIGHTLY out there in the world (the Sun), and choose the RELATIONSHIPS & PARTNERSHIPS that align with our shared VALUES (Venus). With BML thrown into the mix, be wary of over-compromising who you are and falling into the trap of co-dependency, in order to find partnership & relationship. The FEAR OF LONELINESS (BML in Libra) may be strong, but the consequences of losing oneself entirely in the presence of this supposed "beloved" surely outweigh the insecurities here, for losing sight of one's personal development (N. Node in Aries) will always lead to harbored resentments, leading to self-sabotage of the soul's evolutionary journey. BML wants to liberate us: so take this opportunity to free yourself of past patterns in your intimate relationships, and forge new pathways with your loved ones that promote inter-dependence & mutual respect for pursuing one another's dreams in this lifetime.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is also forming an opposition aspect to Mercury, taking some time to have some friendly (or, perhaps, not-so-friendly) banter with the Messenger God. It is worthy to note that Mercury (also known as Hermes to the Ancient Greeks) was the only God from Olympus who was granted access to travel to & from the Underworld, in which Pluto (known as Hades to the Greeks) ruled. As these two old friends (or, perhaps, old enemies) take a moment to chat with one another, the energy in the air for us may feel a bit tense for some, and for others it may feel like a sigh of relief, as the unspoken realms of Pluto are given a voice through his communion with chatty Mercury. Obsessive (Pluto) thoughts (Mercury) could also be plaguing us during this time. Feel into this energetic signature and which way it swings for you, as it will manifest differently for each of us, depending on where the early degrees of the Fixed signs (Leo // Aquarius, Libra // Aries) land in your natal chart.

Dane Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 15 degrees of Cancer (remember, we always round up a degree!) is so very fitting for this New Moon: "IN A SUMPTUOUS DINING HALL GUESTS RELAX AFTER PARTAKING OF A HUGE BANQUET." He goes on to describe this scene as "the need that exists at an early stage of human growth to materialize the concept of fulfillment. [...] This is perhaps the keynote of American life: the MATERIALIZATION OF THE SPIRITUAL." With this being the week of America's Independence from the British, what a better way to celebrate than to feast with our Family & Chosen Tribe! And not just eating & drinking our way to fulfilment (although the Cancer vibes here encourage this!), but also finding that inner contentment & sense of security that can only be found by connecting to what matters most: our Heart-to-Heart connection to oneself. Remember to take some much-deserved time to dive into your Heart over this next month leading up to the New Moon in Leo, so that you can experience the full illumination within, as you dance into this glorious new cycle of your life!

Curious where these cosmic alignments are landing for you, and how to work with these divine energies in your natal chart? Book a Reading Today!

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