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Happy New Moon in Pisces! 💖

>>March 10th, 2024 @ 1:59am MST/PST<<

Happy New Moon in Pisces, Star Sisters & Brothers!

Anyone else feeling internal these days? Or perhaps seeking to fulfil the Piscean desire to escape into fantasy realms (or anything else that is not quite "reality")? You are not alone! These days leading up to this New Moon have been calling us to play with the metaphysical realms, but in our own time, and within a peaceful sanctuary of our choosing to be able to do so. There has been this push & pull energy, like the tides of the ocean, emulating the energetic polarity between Pisces and Virgo: between finding stillness within, amidst the constant movement of daily life. Just like the Yin/Yang symbol, we must weave in and out and between the polarities of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, with effortless surrender to the flow of how our lives our unfolding around us right now (especially if you are feeling any resistance to that flow!). There is a karmic reckoning happening now, within our individual karmic cycles, as well as our collective karmic cycle as a humanity, and the only way forward is by relinquishing the past: the wisdom of Pisces is SWEET SURRENDER TO ALL THAT WAS, ALL THAT IS, AND ALL THAT SHALL BE.

The South Node of the Moon in Libra on the Midheaven angle, along with the North Node of the Moon in Aries on the IC angle, is calling us to RELEASE ALLEGIANCES to what was once a part of our public persona, and how we were perceived by others in such a way that was ultimately holding us back from living our Truth. When we say "NO" to a world that is misusing our time & energy, we are able to say "YES" to the life we came here to live. We are all being called to turn inwards now, to connect with our authentically raw & unique Spirit Self, so that we can listen a little more deeply. In this way, when we are called upon in the next opportunity that presents itself, we can answer the call more honestly, knowing that we have taken the time & space to truly SLOW DOWN & LISTEN to the response within. May the ever-flowing waters of this Pisces New Moon cycle bring you the clarity & insights you need, as we make our way into Aries season later this month (hopefully, with a brand new direction that has been birthed from your day-dreaming in Pisces season!).

I always like to end with the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree (although, I will admit, this symbol is probably one of the strangest I have encountered in Rudhyar's book!), which lands at 20 degrees 16 minutes of Pisces (we always round up with the Sabian Symbols, so this one will be at 21 degrees), as described in Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases (pg. 281-2):


Keynote: Growth in consciousness in its earliest tactile awareness of the wonders of unsophisticated living.

"This symbol recalls the one for Phase 174 (Virgo 24*)—'Mary and her little lamb'—but it occupies a different position in the five-fold sequence and a new factor is added: the 'Chinese servant.' According to the occult tradition, the original Chinese race was an extension of the humanity (or "Root Race") preceding ours—thus the stress upon the biological factors of family and ancestors, and also on the dualism of the Yang and Yin interplay. The 'Chinese servant' represents the past as a servant of the new evolution. (The 'white lamb' suggests the sign of all beginnings, Aries.) This new evolution is just about to begin during the late Pisces phase of the year cycle. It is as yet an ideal, a white loveliness. The girl discovers the new feeling of the touch of wool and of animal warmth. The preceding five-fold sequence began with a symbol suggesting the inspiring revelation of new truths or facts which the creative person is seeking to formulate. Now we witness another kind of discovery —a sensuously emotional discovery, perhaps a presentiment of the mother-feeling.

This is the first symbol of the seventy-first sequence. It brings together past and future, an overlapping of levels. The Chinese kindly watching the white girl; the girl fondling the white lamb. There is charm and ingenuousness in the scene— a vision of WHITE HOPE, a hope for a future that can only be felt, almost naively."

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