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✨ July Cosmic Journey! ✨

💖 July 1-31, 2024 💖

Welcome to July, my Star Sisters & Brothers!

Before diving into the divine dance of the planets for this month ahead, let's give an honorary mention to Saturn making it's retrograde debut on June 29th! The Lord of Karma & Life Lessons has turned his discerning gaze inwards, and will be reflecting upon our inner & outer workings of life, until stationing to move direct on November 15th. Saturn has been in the sign of ethereal Pisces for some time now, and has been calling us all to take a deep dive into what needs re-structuring in our lives, specifically around Pisces-themed things: blurred boundaries & forms of escapism, etc. To be clear, "checking out" through various mind-altering substances is quite a different energy than "checking in" by taking a micro-dose of magic mushrooms, for example, and other such psychedelic plant medicines that are Pisces territory! Binge-watching our favorite fantasy-fiction shows, and anything else that calls us to leave this "reality" and enter a more "favorable" one, are all ways in which we tap into the Shadow of Pisces energy (not to say that indulging in a movie or show every once in a while is unhealthy, as long as you are setting healthy boundaries around the use of your time in this way!). Saturn demands discipline, determination and resilience from us, so that we can become the best version of ourselves, for ourselves (and, in turn, this best version of ourselves benefits those around us, too). During this retrograde, where the energy of Saturn in Pisces turns its inner eye upon itself, take this time between now and November to truly make some significant changes in your life: set some stronger boundaries around your screen time, so that you can be more fully present out in the natural world (Pisces is also connected to Nature & the Wild, as well as Animals, so perhaps connecting with your furry friends more during this time will bring you back into the Present Moment, too!). The Age of Aquarius we have just entered into has truly brought upon us the Rise of AI. For better or for worse, this has yet to be seen, but the more we can connect on a Spiritual level to ourselves and our surroundings here on Mama Earth, the better prepared we will be for what has yet to come. May Father Time (Saturn) bless you with the Gift of Presence (Pisces) this year, so that you can become the Evolved Soul you are here to Be!

Neptune will turn retrograde in the sign of Pisces, as well, followed by Mercury entering the sign of Leo, on July 2nd. Neptune, the natural ruler of Pisces, will be turning his gaze inwards, until stationing direct on December 7th this year: another beautiful opportunity for us to collectively Download & Up-Level our Personal (and Collective) Unconscious! Practice your meditations, yoga, energy healing, witchcraft, and all things Sacred during this time, so that come New Year's Eve, you will be entering 2025 with all sorts of new magical abilities you never thought possible! When quick-witted Mercury enters Leo, before swiftly exiting and making his way into Virgo on July 25th, tap into this Lionhearted energy by fully expressing your Authentic Self: start a new creative project, sing your song, dance your dance, and don't let anyone stop you from speaking to the child-like Joy that lives within! Leo wants to Play, and Mercury wants to talk about it, so find your Tribe and celebrate your Individuality together until the end of this month, when the energy of Virgo will take you to a more introverted place. Once in earthy Virgo, Mercury will feel like taking care of business, so to speak, as the sign of the Selfless Servant calls us to refine our skills, so that we can offer them to those we wish to be in service to. But first, Virgo reminds us to be of service to ourself, in order to fully show up for others, calling you to take that creative energy in Leo and refine it into pure gold! This is the gift Virgo bestows upon us: discerning what stays & what goes, in order to be the ideal of perfection it so strives for.

Venus will be joining Mercury on July 11th, when she dances into Leo after visiting with Gemini, signaling us to be more warm & playful in our intimate relationships. Venus also represents our values & resources, financial and otherwise, so paying close attention to where our money is going could be wise during this time, as Venus in Leo just wants to have fun (sometimes, no matter the cost!). What truly matters to us will become quite obvious, as well, because if there is any sign of the zodiac that cares about loyalty, it's Leo! So, find what & who you want to be loyal to, and have a spectacular time! Mars will be charging forward into Gemini on July 20th, leaving the steadfast realm of Taurus for the ever-changing realms within the sign of the Twins. This may feel like a welcome change for some, especially if you have been feeling a bit stuck or stagnant with your ambitions as of late. And, perhaps for others, this mutable energy of Gemini could feel a bit crazy-making, as we feel the speed-dial turned up a few notches in our day-to-day activities! Either way, allow yourself some time & space to re-calibrate your energy field during these coming weeks, and you will thank yourself later for it.

The Sun will enter Leo in the wee hours of July 21st-22nd, ushering in the infamous Leo Season! This is a wonderful time to shine brightly, to step onto the grand stage of your life with a smile that lights up your eyes, knowing full well that you deserve every nod of admiration from the world around you! The Sun naturally rules Leo, so take advantage of this divine season through the end of August, as you enjoy the sweet company of dear friends and Soul Fam. Lastly, Chiron the Wounded Healer of the zodiac, will be turning retrograde in Aries on July 26th, and will remain so until December 29th. Just as the retrograde of Saturn & Neptune amplifies the energies of these planets, so, too, does the astral body of Chiron become more prominent in our cosmic journey this year, as we navigate the wounds of Aries together: wounds that relate to our sense of self & feeling validated in our very existence in this 3rd dimensional realm. The more we can focus on cleaning out our internal closets, especially around our Solar Plexus chakra & willpower, during this time, the higher our potential for healing these deep wounds around the Divine Masculine force within each one of us. May this month, and the rest of this year, bring you all the healing you seek, and the peace that already lives within you!

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