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Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer & Full Moon in Capricorn!

💖 Sun in Cancer: June 20th, 2024 @ 1:51pm MST 💖

🌙 Full Moon in Capricorn: June 21st, 2024 @ 6:07pm MST 🌙

Happy Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer Season and Full Moon in Capricorn, my Star Sisters & Brothers!

Welcome to the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere! The longest day of the year will take place on June 20th, and many of us are feeling the activating force of the Sun, as we propel ourselves forward into these Summertime vibes. For the Pagans, this minor holiday is known as Litha, and is a celebration of the sacred union of the Goddess & God, which was forged at the major holiday of Beltane. This is a time to celebrate abundance in our lives, by connecting with loved ones over a bonfire and sharing Mother Nature's bounty over a feast together. Enjoying the fruits of summer (both literally and metaphorically), gathering outdoors over a fire, collecting wild herbs, creating dream pillows with Mugwort, starting & committing to a loving partnership, decorating your altar with fresh flowers: these are all ways of connecting more deeply to these divine energies at play during Midsummer.

As we exit social Gemini Season and enter sensitive Cancer Season, we also feel the call to SLOW DOWN, TURN INWARD and FEEL ALL OUR FEELINGS. The Sun in Cancer is joined by both Venus and Mercury, just a few degrees apart in their cosmic dance together, calling us all to ask ourselves the big questions: what do I truly LOVE in life, and how am I going to re-orient my lifestyle to allow more time & space for this love to deepen? How can I communicate what I am feeling in my internal world to the outside world, in a way that will be received lovingly and with full support? Depending on where Cancer lands in your personal natal chart, this energy will manifest in different ways for you over the course of this next month, as we sail through the Cancerian waters together, re-defining what it is that we truly NEED for us to feel SAFE & SECURE, both within ourselves and out in the world. Just as Dane Rudhyar describes in his work on the Sabian Symbols, the Sun in Cancer degree shows us that "ON A SHIP THE SAILORS LOWER AN OLD FLAG AND RAISE A NEW ONE," and thus we must lower our metaphorical "old flags" that represent our old ways of Being, so that we may make room in our lives to create "new flags" of Becoming who we are truly meant to Be.

The Full Moon in Capricorn (which, interestingly enough, happens to be the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn, as I will be writing about on the next Full Moon in July!) takes place the day after Solstice this year, but you are likely feeling the push & pull energies of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity over these past couple of days. This particular polarity deals with the Divine Mother // Inner Child (Cancer) & Divine Father // Outer Authority Figure (Capricorn) that exists within each one of us, to varying degrees, and thus is calling us to ask ourselves some more big questions: am I spending enough time with myself, or am I spending all of my time with others? Am I prioritizing my home & family life over my career & vocation, or is the opposite the case? The more we can be honest with ourselves when answering these questions, the better off we will be when it comes to finding balance between the Inner & Outer Worlds we participate in. Just like the natural square aspect between the Cardinal signs of Cancer-Capricorn and Libra-Aries, we cannot find our True Self without first letting go of co-dependent patterns, allowing room for interdependence to grow within our closest partnerships, and thus allowing ourselves to be able to step into a role of responsibility for the life we are co-creating with others.

Curious where these cosmic alignments are landing for you, and how to work with these divine energies in your natal chart? Book a Reading Today!

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