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Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Aries! 💖

>>> Monday, April 8th @ 11:21 AM PST <<<

Happy New Moon in Aries, and Total Solar Eclipse, my Star Sisters & Brothers!

We are at the culmination of this Eclipse Season, which started with the Full Moon in Libra on March 25th, and will come to its apex with this New Moon in Aries on April 8th!

Let's reflect back to that Full Moon in Libra, shall we? What was coming up for you then, especially as it pertained to your world of relationships and partnerships? Do you feel like you are ready to take some action towards creating a brighter future for your relationships and partnerships to thrive? This New Moon energy in Aries is just the medicine we need to move forward, and wherever 10-24 degrees of the Cardinal signs this Eclipse activates in your natal chart, you will be given the roadmap to where you need to apply this medicine of initiation! (I am allowing a 5 degree orb from the Nodal Axis at 15 degrees Aries/Libra to Chiron at 19 degrees Aries, for your reference).

Mars and Saturn are approaching their exact conjunction, and thus we are feeling the energy of this planetary duo: are you feeling stuck in taking action, as if there are road-blocks along your path? Or perhaps you are feeling a heightened sense of self-determination in manifesting your dreams into reality? Depending on where this transit lands for you in your natal chart, you could be feeling one or the other, or perhaps both simultaneously! The approaching Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is also building energetically at this time, so hopefully you are receiving the messages from above in how to revolutionize your life here on Mama Earth! The more you can deeply listen to those downloads that you may be receiving from out of no-where, the more you will be ready for this catalyzing energy this month.

I always like to end with the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree, which lands at 19 degrees 24 minutes of Aries (we always round up with the Sabian Symbols, so this one will be at 20 degrees), as described in Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases (pg. 64-5):


Keynote:  Overcoming crises through compassion.

"Nature's seasonal rhythms imply an oscillation between living and dying. Through creative imagination man can 'fly over' the cycle, and discover means not only to escape from the fatality of seasonal decay or deprivation, but to assist other living entities to survive through crises. Migrating birds fly south (cf. symbol of Aries 12 degrees), but by establishing a partnership with other creatures unable to escape wintry deprivation or death, man can maintain the life of the spirit (symbolized by birds) steady through all crises if, like a 'young girl,' he is widely open to the promptings of love and sympathy.

At this fifth stage of the symbolic sequence we witness human activity motivated by sympathy overcoming the seasonal phase of impotency. Life potency in nature spirits reaches a higher level in the human being. The theme is THE TRANSMUTATION OF LIFE INTO LOVE."

Curious where this Eclipse Season has been landing for you, and how to work with these cosmic energies in your natal chart? Book a Follow-Up Reading Today! I will only be taking clients for the next couple weeks, and then I will be taking time away from the world, to focus on the upcoming birth of my baby girl!

Text me if interested, and I’ll fit you into my busy schedule!


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