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Your Evolutionary Journey Begins Here!

Wheel of the Zodiac with magical items
Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

90 min  /   $200

Remove the obstacles by delving deep into your inner psyche! In this session, we will explore your past life karma, and how your soul wants to evolve in this lifetime. We will also take what we have learned about your natal chart and apply it to where the stars align for you now in the world! We will cast a 6-month transits report, where we delve deep into the planetary transits of this current 6-month time frame for you.

Relationship Reading
Couple lovingly holding hands

Relationship Reading

 90 min  /   $250

Curious about your cosmic compatibility with your significant other?

In this session, I will work with you and your partner to compare your astrological compatibility, from an evolutionary perspective. We will explore how you and this person relate to one another through your Synastry Chart, all of the "soft" (trines, sextiles, etc.) and "hard" (squares, oppositions, etc.) aspects that exist between the two of you, and how to gracefully grow together in your relations with one another.

We will also combine your two natal charts to create a Composite Chart, which will illuminate the karma of your two souls coming together in this lifetime, and what the karma of the relationship itself truly is.

Permission to use the birth information from your companion is required (if they are not going to be present for the reading).

yearly Transit Reading

Follow-Up Reading

60 min  /   $108

Book a follow-up reading when you are feeling called to explore the current planetary transits for this upcoming year! We can also explore anything that is coming up for you that you would like to receive guidance on (i.e. relationship exploration, career changes, home transitions, etc.). 

This reading is only available to those who have already had a birth chart reading.

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